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k r o m e a u t o 9
 · If you've paid attention, you must have noticed that there's a gap in the counting of versions, jumping from the 6th to the 9th. There's a simple explanation, I did prepare versions 7 and 8, but I never got to finish them as I came up with better ideas during the creative process. Yet they were completely different from each other, and as such I had to count them as versions of their own (and not as evolutions), even if unreleased. Onto this particular version, it was one I really enjoyed making, and if I recall correctly, the first one I made using iframes. I really enjoyed the color scheme on this version, based in 3 colors: light blue, dark blue and red. It features a large element on the left where an image of each of the games for which I make cars (GTA, GTA:L and GTA2) is randomly displayed. The linear elements in this design would also influence me on next version of kRoMeAuTo...
k r O m E s p O t   v2.0
 · This is, so far, the most popular design, due to the Toyota Supra's drawing, or so I think. It has some similarities to v1.0, specially the orange title and the use of grey tables, as I didn't want to completely cut with the first design, I wanted people who had been to v1.0 to easily recognize the site as Kromespot. Yet, it was different, as the design was showing what I still think it is the most important section of this site, the drawings section. Actually, since then, I don't feel like most visitors have realized that there is such a section, with all my drawings, which is a shame, as that is what I most want them to see...
k R o M e A u T o   v6.0
 · kRoMeAuTo's sixth version wasn't exactly one of my best designs IMO, and the proof is the constant changes it suffered, from the menu to header. In kRoMeAuTo v.6 I firstly introduced the shout[BOX], where visitors could write whatever they felt like writing. I also used a script to make the right menu options to show/hide as the user clicked it's title.
k r O m E s p O t   v1.0
 · krOmEspOt's first version, ever! Here's featured the Christmas version, with the snow effect and Santa's hat in the header.
 My aim was once again going for something simple, but different, hence the 4 links for the main sections of the site being completely apart from the others. It's a design I really appreciated creating and it ended up pretty much near what I was looking for.
k R o M e A u T o   v5.0
 · Another design that was close to being finished. The reasons why it wasn't finished were:the fact that I don't like the buttons/bars on the left and I couldn't make new ones at the time;the fact that(on my machine)the partial transparency of the news block was slowing down the presentation of the site.
k R o M e A u T o   v4.0
 · This design was very near to being used, but a desire to use onMouseOver effects along with a series of happenings which I don't quite recall were enough to keep it from being fully implemented.
 Notice:the car wasn't drawn by me.
k R o M e A u T o   yet_another_1
 · When experimenting with new designs and implementations, I came up with several very basic designs, this one being another one of them.
k R o M e A u T o   something_else
 · When experimenting with new designs and implementations, I came up with several very basic designs, this one being another one of them.
k R o M e A u T o   v3.0
 · And yet another version of kRoMeAuTo... This is exactly the opposite of the previous version. It's blue, simple, yet with sophisticated details, like the onMouseOver effects on the Menu, which unfortunately, AFAIK, only works in IE. I've learned how to use SSI, which allowed me to get ride of the frames it had at the beggining.
k R o M e A u T o   v2.0
 · Second version of kRoMeAuTo... This time I broke with my typical simplistic style and went into a complex design, with loads of gimmicks, being the most noticeables the Slide-In Menu (Dynamic Drive) and the GTAWeather section... I've learned alot when making this site, specially Javascript, which proved to be quite useful, despite it's simplicity...
  About the design itself, it's a tad heavy for my usual standard, but all in all quite "enjoyable" IMHO. And it's orange, hehe!
G!   F o r u m s   s k i n
 · A couple of months ago, the group of Admins from G! Forums leaded by Azz decided, after much complaining by the users to make a contest to find a new skin for the forums. It ended up with no one sending their work even if lots said they were interested and I was the only one to actually make anything. This was the final result, a terribly useful contest as I've learned quite a lot about Style Sheets... And everyone says it's great!
k R o M e A u T o   v1.0
 · My first real Web Design project. I wasn't going to do this, Teknics was, but he wasn't able to finish the design he had already started and so I decided to have a go at it myself. So, I started this site from scratch, I already had some ideas on how I wanted it to look like, I started making some graphics, trying some tricks on FrontPage and this is how it ended up. I've allways adored this design, it's soo fresh, IMHO a nice change to the dark look that the internet has!

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