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 Here you can find some words, lost in time, that I've once written, a review of a concert, words about myself and other things that shall come...
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It is truly a sad world
 Today was the last day of mourning for the victims of the terrible bombings that occurred in Madrid, Spain, in the 11th of March, 2004. As our european fellows and specially as Portugal's neighbours, those news came as a shock to me, probably the exact same way as if it had happened somewhere in here.

 It's truly a sad world, the one we currently live in, where people can and will get killed for a cause that is not theirs, simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. What makes me absolutely furious about these issues of terrorism is that no matter how noble their principles could be, the moment innocent people die for it, without even knowing why, all the reasons they might had are gone. Not to mention that there are a thousand of different ways of solving those problems, no matter how difficult it's resolution may look. Hence why the United Nations and the International Criminal Court exist. And why ALL organizations and countries should respect them. ETA, Al-Qaeda and USA included!

  Bruno "GtAkReYz" Costa

  14th of March, 2004
3 in 1: Revis, FingerEleven and Evanescence (07/10/03) ...
  I've had three pleasant surprises just a couple of days ago. In Evanescence's concert, where Revis and FingerEleven did the first part, I've witnessed the acting of three bands with some good potential. First, Revis, with a more comercial rock sound, of which "Caught in the rain" was the only song I already knew. With very short time to play (30-45 minutes), they managed to show that they sound pretty good, both in softer and faster songs.

  After them, came FingerEleven, and probably the biggest surprise of the evening for me. With a typical set of drums (1), bass (1), guitars (2) and one vocalist, it was the guitarists performance that caught the audience: they both showed that they're one with their guitar, they have a good technique (nearly changed guitar in every song, showing a great care to get the right tune) and they really enjoy what they do. They erratically "danced" around the stage, with expressions that demonstrated that they were really feeling what they were playing. Something you don't seem to see as often... A definitive must-see if they're playing some place near you.

  Moving on to Evanescence, they showed that they can more than sticking to an album and play it "as is". If some of the songs from "Fallen" have a very calm atmosphere to them, in concert, they managed to adapt them to faster, stronger beats, and where you would expect violins or the likes, you got guitars and bass. All in the right tone, making the audience go mad! In an unexpected change, we even got to see one of the guitarists doing a bit of drums! Also a note to the vocalist, who sang two solos where she also played the electronic organ. The first solo was from "Origin", the unknown first album, and the other one, already after an encore, was the beautiful "My Immortal" from "Fallen". The concert ended up with the song "Whisper", or so I think, as I still don't know all the songs for sure.

  A final word to the audience, apart from a few histerical 12 year girls screaming. The interaction, with all bands, was absolutely surprising. Even with the two first bands, unknown for most, there was a lot of support, and everyone tried to be as friendly and cooperative with them, and tried to take as much as possible from their show. Infact, the vocalists from the three bands expressed their strong grattitude for the audience. Evanescence's even referred a couple of times how surprised she was with the public singing all their songs, something she said she had hardly ever seen yet. It's becoming an habit to hear such compliments, and everytime a band says they really loved playing in Portugal, I tend to think that they're doing more than trying to be nice and to win some more fans here.


  9th of October, 2003
Guano Apes: Walking on a Thin Line (16/04/03) ...
  Each time I see the Guano Apes live, I get the feeling that they're even better than the last time. That's exactly what happened on the 16th of April of this year, on another GA gig in Portugal, the 3rd time I saw them.
  It was a quite long concert, or so it seemed. The alignment was very good, with nice switchs between fast, strong songs and calmer ones, allowing a lot of mosh with the necessary breaks to rest and prepare for more.
  After around one hour playing, with songs from all their albums, they abandoned the stage. Obviously, the audience couldn't allow them to go, not without stuff like "Diokhan", "Big in Japan" and "Open Your Eyes" being played. Se we started calling and shouting their name (along with the national anthem and other stuff, in what's becoming a wierd habit in every concert I see...).
  After some long minutes, the Guano Apes came back, without Sandra (vocals), and played some instrumental songs, including the "Trumpet Song" that you can hear in the CD-Single "You Can't Stop Me". Then Sandra came back aswell, for some more songs like those stated above, and ending up, naturally, with "Lord Of the Boards".
  If they're going to some place near you, I advise you to go see this concert, the GA are one of the best bands of today, so you won't regret it.


  April, 2003
PapaRoach: lovehatetragedy (15/10/02) ...
  The power of Coby Dick and friends was once again unleashed in Portugal, this time in "Coliseu dos Recreios" in Lisboa. The audience, rejoiced by the sound of both "lovehatetragedy" and "Infest" songs, went completely nuts. Lots of "mosh", too much IMO, but still everyone was able to make part of a singular show, in a nearly perfect sintony between the band and the audience. The peak of the entire concert was, obviously, when "Between Angels and Insects" was played, as it's one of their most intense songs and it's impossible not to adore it! Unfortunately, with it, came the end of a night full of great music...
  Two other bands, played that night, the british Hell Is For Heroes and Murderdolls. I didn't quite like none, though Hell Is For Heroes showed that with some work can improve their sound. As for Murderdolls, it's just not my type of music.



  November, 2002
The Guano Apes: Live in IST!! (11/05/02) ...
  As expected, once again, the Guano didn't disappoint, on the contrary, they did their best perfomance that I have seen!
  The alignment included songs from the 1st album like "Rain", "Wash it down" and "Lord of the Boards" which drove the audience totally mad...
  Obviously, "Don't give me names" wasn't forgot either and we got to watch and listen them mess with stuff like "No Speech", "Big in Japan", "Dödel Up" and "Heaven"...
  Naturally, as in previous concerts, we also got to listen some brand new songs that are to be included in the Guano's upcoming album (like "Cuts"!), as well as the odd "Kumbaja" song.
  To end with, prolly cos it was their last concert in PT, mr. drummer, aka Dennis decided to wreck the whole stage, with sound support of Henning, IIRC...


  June, 2002
Review of Rammstein's concert in Lisbon (10/12/01) ...
  The best concert I've ever seen! It's what I have to say about yesterday night's concert of RAMMSTEIN and Clawfinger in Lisbon! Masses of fireworks, loads of great songs, with Mutter songs and others as well and great interaction. From the hand of Till L. (vocals) on fire in the beginning to the guy (I couldn't recognize him) on the boat sailing through the audience in the end, everything in it was great! The sequence of songs was somewhat the best I've ever heard (even better than the Mutter alignment, which IMHO r0xx), the scenary was like the usual and the performance of all of them was up to what one would expect. Final words go to Clawfinger, who warmed up the audience with a bunch of powerfull songs. Shame that they didn't play those I knew, specially Two Sides. :(


  December, 2001
A bit about myself...
  So you want to know more about me, right? Ok, so here we go:

  I'm a 18-year-old guy, living in Portugal, the most occidental place in Europe, more exactly in Lisbon. I'm in Uni now, studying Civil Engineering. I love to design cars (on paper), have loads of projects for tunings and drawings of real cars and this is why I make GTA cars. Actually the things I most like are cars and computers. I would like to be an expert on both. I also like graffitis. My favorite "graffers" here in Portugal are "Dante" (a friend), "Exas", "Daim" (a german graduated graffiti maker who's been hired to paint walls all around the world and has a certain tendency to paint bees, go figure, hehe! If you want to learn more about him, go to Art Crimes) and, of course, "Creyz".

  Now lets talk about GtAkReYz:   First, the name: Where does it come from? As you probably noticed, comes from the "graffer" "Creyz", aka "Kreyz, Craiz, Crays" and others. "Kreyz" is how we say "crazy", without the "y", and it explains how I feel about GTA, it's a complete craze, hehe!!

  I was, surprisingly, introduced to GTA by my younger bro, who was playing a demo and asked me to explain him what to do. I then started to play the demo and in the 98’ Christmas I got the complete version. Since then I’ve become a total addict to GTA, due to the game itself and also due to Jeff Mathews, who made GTA Cars and is the reason why GtAkReYz exists.

  That’s all for now but maybe I’ll update this later if I come up with more things to say.

  Oh, by the way, you don't need to know my real name, only a few know it and I ask for those who know it to keep it for them.


  November, 2001

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