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  • September
    —Slight server problem written in 28-09-2004
 The server where my site is hosted ran into some problems and all data was lost, as well as some of the most recent backups. As such some data was lost (luckily I keep backups myself), as well as some previous configurations. I've tried to sort everything out, but if you find anything that isn't working, please let me know..


  • July
    —Changing?! Definatively... written in 25-07-2004
 As you must have noticed on your way here, Kromespot is going through some changes. I'm going to change the whole site. Most of the content will be kept, but displayed differently. News will be less important and artwork more, so that you get what you're looking for. I'm also trying to make the updating of the site easier, so that I can actually use the time I have to produce my artwork, and not waste it trying to make another update.

  Unfortunately, time available isn't as much as I used to have, so it is probable that the number of newly added items stays low. But about that, we'll see what happens later.

  In the mean time, please do browse through the website, I'm sure you'll find something you may like...

  • May
    —It's been a while, eh?! written in 06-05-2004
 As you must have noticed, it's been over a month since I last updated the site. The reasons are the usual, lots of work, lots of study, as well as my own life. Basically, I've had so much to do, that I kept delaying a news update.
 All this as made me reconsider what I want with the site. I don't think news is what matters the most, specially since I can't update on (at least) a weekly basis. So, as soon as I get a new design to the site, I'll be reviewing the way everything works, and redefining the priorities, to unsure that what you get is what you're looking for, my creations.

 Meanwhile, don't expect much to change, I have another work to do and my exams start within a month and half. I have a drawing that has been in standby for a couple of months, I'll try to get it finished, but I can't promise anything...
 Have a nice visit!

  • March
    —It is truly a sad world written in 14-03-2004
 Today was the last day of mourning for the victims of the terrible bombings that occurred in Madrid, Spain. As our european fellows and specially as Portugal's neighbours, those news came as a shock to me, probably the exact same way as if it had happened somewhere in here.
 It's truly a sad world, the one we currently live in, where people can and will get killed for a cause that is not theirs, simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. What makes me absolutely furious about these issues of terrorism is that no matter how noble their principles could be, the moment innocent people die for it, without even knowing why, all the reasons they might had are gone. Not to mention that there are a thousand of different ways of solving those problems, no matter how difficult it's resolution may look. Hence why the United Nations and the International Criminal Court exist. And why ALL organizations and countries should respect them. ETA, Al-Qaeda and USA included!

  • February
    —Renewed drawings written in 13-02-2004
 It has been quite a while since I decided I should renew the drawings, but I never got around actually doing it. A couple of days ago, a friend from the GTA community sort of complained about the watermarks the drawings had. This reminded me of my forgotten task, so today I've spent the whole afternoon resizing and retouching all drawings, which are now all available in 1024x768px size, eventually to be used as wallpapers.

 I'm sure you'll appreciate the changes made!
    —Another one written in 09-02-2004
 I've added another web design to the corresponding section. This time, it's the ninth version of kRoMeAuTo, in red and blue. To learn more about it, simply go here.
    —Goodbye Fehér! written in 01-02-2004
 If you've been here for the last week, you certainly saw the image on the first (preloading) page of the site. It was my way to honour a player who died unfortunately in the field doing what he knew best...
 He left us, and there's nothing we can do to stop that, but he will be surely reminded for the last smile he showed just before passing away.

 Goodbye FEHÉR, we will never forget you!!

  • January
    —...are done written in 17-01-2004
 The remodelling I was doing at the tricks'n'tutes section is now finished. All tutorials are now separated and categorized, so it is easier to find what you are looking for exactly. It will also allow me to write some more tutorials as well, as I no longer have to write series of 5 tutorials to be able to release them. Now all I have to do is write as I feel and add it.

 So enjoy! :)
    —Tricks'n'tutes... written in 13-01-2004
 I'm currently remodelling the tricks'n'tutes section, where you can find some tutorials written by me. Currently, there's a drawing tutorial and two miscellaneous tutorials with several tricks for HTML, Javascript, etc. In the near future, each of these tricks will be displayed in a single page, so that your navigation through them is much easier and specific.

 The main problem with this remodelling is that it involves converting each and all tutorials into a database, and that takes quite some time, as it needs to be made manually. Besides that, I'm right in the middle of my exams, so I can't quite dedicate as much time to that as I wanted. But look for that perhaps this week already.
    —... and a happy New Year!! written in 01-01-2004
 As you must have noticed, this site's current version is number 4, in terms of designs. Obviously, there were 3 other versions, the first one has been available for quite a while, and now it's time for version 2.0 to be added to the section. I hope to get v3.0 up soon as well, along with the previous design of kRoMeAuTo, which is currently in it's 10th version. Oh, for your information, kRoMeAuTo is another site run by me, where I release cars for my favourite game ever, Grand Theft Auto. Check it out!


  • December
    —Latest... written in 28-12-2003
 During my vacations, and eventhough I was hundreds of Kms away from home, I realized (remembered) that I had forgotten to make the "Latest" button, that you see in the left menu.
 Actually, I was using a low quality button instead, that I quickly made once, to get a better idea of what the design was looking like. Since then, I forgot to change it. Anyway, I just hope to add more stuff to the site soon, so that that button really start making some sense.
    —Christmas! written in 19-12-2003
 Since I'm going away for over a week, I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Oh, and remember, this is a time for peace and love, dedicated to all your family and friends, but also to those who really need to be helped. So, please, make a good deed and let someone have a happier Christmas this year.

 See you all soon!
    —Vee oh-four! written in 07-12-2003
 The 4th version of is finally online, after some months of preparation, that involved me in learning quite some features I hadn't tried yet in PaintShopPro, mainly playing around with layers. They have proven to be quite useful, as they can give you some extremely useful power. Layers allowed me to try out different color schemes, easily inserting/removing some design elements, and changing the opacity of each element easily. Quite cool, I'm sure I'll be using them more in my next creations!

 But this site is nothing without the visitors opinions, so please post what your thoughts are on this matter, I sure want to know what you think of all this!

  • November
    —Working on something... written in 26-11-2003
 Now that November's tests are through, I finally had sometime to finish something I started working last month, IIRC. I'll be posting more on that really soon. I might even release it within the next week, if I manage to finish it on time for the next update.

 On another note, I really need for you people to give me some feedback on this site and my work. Please, write whatever you feel like saying, what's good or bad, preferably the last one, so that I can improve it! Thanks!!
    —Don't panic written in 02-11-2003
 Right, don't panic... yet. I'm still here, and eventhough I don't update often, doesn't mean I'm doing nothing. On the contrary, I've been so busy (mostly studying) for the last weeks (and going on for 2 more weeks...) that I've had no time at all to do anything whatsoever. Not for the site, nor for nearly anything else. Which sucks. Very much. But expect that to change, sooner or later, probably, within 2 weeks. Just keep in touch.

  • October
    —Four paragraphs... written in 09-10-2003
 I wrote four more paragraphs for the mumblings section. They're all about a concert I went to see on Tuesday this week, where Ravis, FingerEleven and Evanescence played, all with good demonstrations. But if you want to know more, you'll have to read my latest mumbling.

  • September
    —Phew! written in 29-09-2003
 Wow, what a relief, to have the site back, up and running, as we all want it... It was a busy weekend, converting all pages from PHP to ASP.

 On a personal note, the weekend, yesterday specially, was quite sad for me, as a Formula 1 fan. I had really high expectations on Juan Pablo Montoya to get the leadership at Indianapolis, but a whole bunch of unfortunate occurences (bad quailfying, worst start, rain, drive-through penalty, awful Pit Stop timming from Williams...), have probably given Schumacher (very good race, BTW) another championship... Maybe next year!
    —Down Time written in 23-09-2003
 The site has been down for the last 3 days due to server maintenance done by my host. Sorry about that! The downtime also caused some of the scripts on the site not to work, most related to the affiliates program. The ShoutBox ran into some problems aswell, and the previous posts are most likely lost. I already have a home-made ShoutBox that uses a DataBase (much more stable) ready, all I need is to adapt it to this site and I'll install it.

 I'm also considering to make some significant changes to the site. Those changes won't happen soon though, I still have to think it over more, so it's all staying as it is for now.
    —The End of Summer written in 16-09-2003
 Yup, only one week left of Summer, and for me it's already gone as classes started yesterday. My timetable this year is quite nice, I start at 8:00am and leave at 12:30am, more or less... This means it'll be even easier for me to save money as I'll have lunch at home most of the time. So that puts me even closer to a long-time-dream, of owning a Mini (old model) as my first car!!

 AS for, there's nothing new. I tried to start a new drawing, of a Lamborghini Murcielago, but I haven't had much time yet to work on it, so I only have the shape done, no shading or details. I shall add some more web.designs soon though, from my other site, and from a site I did about a train station I use nearly every day, Entrecampos' station in Lisbon. The site is about the station's Architecture and Engineering, it's in Portuguese and is currently here.

  • August
    —It's complete written in 14-08-2003
 I've finished the drawing I was working on, the Mercedes SL's, as promised. I have to say I am quite pleased with the way it turned out. I can see some small problems with it, but I think they're minor details and all in all, the drawing looks quite alright. Have a look-see here and let me know what you think of it...

 I almost forgot to say this, I'm leaving for about 4 weeks, so don't expect any updates until mid September. Meanwhile, keep visiting and exploring the site, I'm sure there's a lot for you to see. Bye!!
    —New drawing on the way written in 09-08-2003
 I have spent the last week working on a new drawing... Actually, it's not *new*: I'm concluding a drawing that I started nearly one year ago, one that includes the car I've used to make the first tutorial available here. Yup, the Mercedes 500SL. I expect to have the drawing completely finished before I leave for vacations, and when I finish it, I'll display it here.

 Meanwhile, check out the "Work in Progress":

Mercedes 500SL/Mercedes 300SL
    —Frágil written in 06-08-2003
 It seems like there allways have to be problems when things are launched. Sorry for the problems we've had in the beggining of the week, I've already asked my hosting what happened and am waiting for an answer.

 Now, onto what matters, my latest wallpaper, "Frágil" ("Fragile" in English) is now available. It's a very simple wallpaper, in pixelArt style - every pixel hand made -, about a theme proposed by digitalevolution in a contest to choose the 3 best, where the theme was "Frágil". Unfortunately, my wallpaper wasn't selected, but I really like it. Tell me what you think about it...
    — written in 01-08-2003
 Tada! It's online! The new domain is up, and with it came a huge amount of webspace available, which means I will have no more problems with being too close to consume all the space. We've passed from 15Mb to 500Mb, should be more than enough for whatever I want to do... .

 I already have a few things in mind for the site, but their being put on hold as I'll be leaving for 1 month in the middle of the August. Right now, it's time to test the site, so if you find some sort of problem, please do contact me.

  • July
    —The buttons written in 19-07-2003
 If you want to link me, there's a new button you can use, that suits the current site's look. Here's:


 This means there are two buttons to choose from. To make your life easier, I've also made a nifty PHP script (again!) that displays the 2 buttons, randomly. All you have to do is use the given code in the links section as an URL. Neato!
    —The rings written in 16-07-2003
 I used to have the links to the Webrings I belong to in the preloading page. The problem is that, since I wanted that page to be as clean as possible, I removed them when I changed it. Unfortunately, I forgot to put them somewhere else, basically because I had to make new buttons for them, and couldn't find any time to make them. So, today, in the morning, I did them and you can now access it from any page in the site. I advise you to visit some of the sites in the ring, there's some high quality content there.

 I'll be back with a new Wallpaper soon!
    —Alright, it's finished! written in 07-07-2003
 I finished it, finally! The conversion of the site into PHP is now complete. There are still some details that need to be re-touched, but you won't even notice the difference when that re-touch happens, since it's basically about converting some Javascripts to PHP, aswell. Within a few days, I'll be releasing a Wallpaper (!!) that I made for a contest that's going on @ Digital Evolution, a Portuguese site. The contest will choose the 3 best wallpapers about a choosen theme, "FRAGILE". I'm doing a very simple wallpaper, in pixelart style, but you'll see it soon.

  • June
    —Still working on it written in 26-06-2003
 I'm still working on the conversion of the site into PHP, but very soon I'll be finished with that. So, that combined with the ending of exams in mid July (hopefully!), will allow me to update more often. I'll also take care of the new domain registration (don't forget to vote BTW, poll on the right!!), and I'll use the opportunity to clean up my affiliates list, as it's getting too big and loosing quality.

 Meanwhile, check out the link of the moment of this post, it's HOT!!
    —We're loosing fuel here... written in 14-06-2003
 "We're loosing fuel here...", that is to say, the site is getting slow. Unfortunately, the nearest "gas station" (read "break in exams") is still a bit far away from here, as such, we will continue slow. I'm still revising the navigation, and to do so, I decided to convert all the site into PHP. That's because the revision implies significant changes on the design and to avoid similar problems later, I think it's better to use external files where the header and footer info is saved. This way, if I want to change something, I only need to change one file. Which is way cooler, giving me more control over my creations. Weeeeeeeeee!!!
    —Quick update written in 11-06-2003
 Some people have told me that the navigation on the new design was somewhat difficult, which I believe is due to the links not being very visible if you don't know where they are. Right now, the only thing I can do (and I did) is to switch the images that show up when you put your mouse over with those that are there otherwise, as they are much more visible.

 Since the exams period just started, and I have a lot of work to do and study, I won't make any more changes right now, but as soon as I have a bit of time, I'll revise the navigation completely, along with a few more adjustments.

 Thanks to ReMiXx for pointing that out and sorry y'all for any incovenience caused!
    —Shout! written in 02-06-2003
 Alright, I've finally finished the shoutbox. I had one version completely up and running, but it was coded in ASP and eventhough I was pretty sure that server in which the site is hosted supported ASP, it turned out not to. I have no clue why I thought that, I don't really recall ever having run an ASP script here, so I really don't know where that came from.
 Anyway, this forced me to work on another shoutbox, in PHP, and preparing it to suit my (your) needs, which took me nearly all day, yesterday. I believe there are no problems anymore, but if you find any, do let me know. And shout!

  • May
    —Been coding written in 25-05-2003
 I've been coding a bit, remaking the news system, in order to have a separate file with the news and another one to process them.
 Later, this will make it easier for me to convert the news script to PHP and loose the current Javascript based one, meaning faster loading times for you.

 I've also added the news archive page, that you can normally access through the link on the bottom of this page.

 New link of the moment too!
    —One done, one to go. written in 21-05-2003
 I have 2 assignments to make for Uni. Most of the first one is done, though, i.e., I have finished all the text part, now all I have to do is make it look good and print it, and I have nearly one month to do that. Which is good.
 The other one is to be made with 2 friends, and will hopefully only take me some mornings. Which is also good.

 Other than that, keep on voting for the new DOMAIN. Thanks!
    —Poll problems written in 15-05-2003
 I just noticed that the poll wasn't working right, so I've changed to a new one. If you had already voted, please vote again. I'm really sorry, but I tested the poll and it worked alright. But now, it was recording the IP adresses, but wasn't adding the new votes. Wierd.

    —krOmEspOt version three written in 14-05-2003
 It's online, the 3rd version of this site. I tried to make it simple and easy to navigate. The most complicated thing I've used was a script to make the affiliates box that you see on the left. If you could test it to see if it works, I'd appreciate. If you're getting error messages due to it, let me know aswell, the script is supposed to work in most browsers, but still I want to make sure that errors don't show up.

 You'll notice that there's a shoutBOX on the right, but it's currently closed as I'm still preparing the script that I'll be using. Below the shoutBOX, there's a poll, that should change every month. The first one is about a possible future domain for this site. I'm considering registering one, but I'm kind of undecided, so asking you, the end users is the best idea, as you'll be the ones typing it and which ever sounds best for you, will be easier to remember.
    —kRoMeAuTo v.6 written in 09-05-2003
 I've just added version 6 of kRoMeAuTo, the other site I run, to the section.
 I don't consider it one of my best designs, on the contrary, but still I think it's worth checking out, specially to compare it to the version that was used next, the current one.

 The next version of this site, krOmEspOt, is very close to being released, I don't have any dates in mind, but it should happen next week, max.

 Exceptionally, I've kept the same Link Of The Moment (LOTM) in this news post, as I really think it's worth being checked!
    —X-Men2 written in 05-05-2003
 Yesterday I've been to the cinema (finally!! Last movie was LOTR - "Two Towers") to see X-Men2. It's a nice movie, I never got to see the first one to the end, so I can't compare. The first scene promises some action, but the rest of the movie is, unfortunately, much more calm. I also liked the Wolverine scene at Xavier's school, but the fight could have been more visible.
 I'm also getting tired of having to wait years to see a complete movie, i.e., there's clearly a continuation to this movie, as too much doors are left open in the end, if you know what I mean.

 Still, it's worth seeing, I believe you won't regret it.

  • April
    —holidays written in 19-04-2003
 Finally, I've got some days off! So far I've used them to go to a Guano Apes' concert (that absolutely ROCKED!!!), to play GTA3 and to work on the refered "Architeture" thing I have to make. I've also worked a bit on the new design, I'm currently converting all the pages, so it should be up really soon!

 As for the site itself, it's kind of slow, stopped really, I just finished translating the latest tutorial to Portuguese. Other than that, there's no real stuff that's new.

Please visit, if you have time!:
    —link of the moment written in 06-04-2003
 I've made some small changes to the "link of the moment", which now only works when there's actually a new link. I did that because what was happening was that I was only choosing a link every 2 news posts, so half the news posts had the same link as the one below.
 Now that no longer happens and you won't have the same "link of the moment" in 2 posts.

  • March
    —Why written in 28-03-2003
 There's a whole bunch of reasons for not having updated the site as much as I would like, and there all different from those I have appointed everytime I haven't updated.
 First of all, I have a school work to do, for "Architecture" class, that I should have 80% done by the beggining of May, about a train station in Lisbon, which implies doing alot of research, interviewing it's author, among several other things. This means the already short free-time I had available this year was dramatically decreased. I've also been working on this:
which is krOmEspOt's new design, which will include a couple of new features that were to be included in the current one, but weren't due to space restrictions. Finally, the last reason is Grand Theft Auto III, which I finally have, after a couple of months of search as it has been sold out around here...
    —3rd tutorial written in 17-03-2003
 I've finished another HTML tutorial, with some more useful tricks that you can use to improve your site and your coding knowledge.I've only made half of the translation to Portuguese yet, and as such, that is not available yet.
    —1st update written in 10-03-2003
 This is the first update I've wrote in the new PC!
 I now have a P4 2.53GHz, with 512Mb DDR, a 64Mb ATi Radeon 9000 gfx card, a 17" monitor and other neat and useful stuff... The only problem now is that I can't yet take all the advantages from these specs, but I've already noticed the (much!) faster speed in PSP, which is the only imaging program I have installed yet.

 I believe that's all for now, keep voting for me:
    —Break written in 05-03-2003
 I took a few days break, kind of forced and all, but I do think it was quite good... I proved myself that I am able to spend the time I want without thinking in anything that is computer related.
 As for the site, there's obviously no new stuff since I was away, and as I'm getting a new computer today, I can't tell you when will new content be added...

 One more thing, if you have a few spare seconds, please vote for me here:
 Just click it and then click in "Enter PGD.FX"

  • February
    —Tutorial coming soon. written in 22-02-2003
 I'm currently working on a new tutorial, in the same style of the previous one, with hints and tricks for HTML and a bit of Javascript. It may take at least a week, as I'm making a simultaneous translation this time.
    —Another small touch-up written in 17-02-2003
 I've made some small adjustments to the left bar, but nothing major.
 I've also (finally!) started counting all clicks in/out from/to my affiliates and displaying them accordingly, so don't be surprised to find the links section completely different from what it used to be.

 New link of the moment.
    —No more exams written in 16-02-2003
 I'm through with my exams,finally... Took a while and it was tough, but I think I managed to positively finish everything again. Classes are due to start next Wednesday, so I don't have much time to "deviate", i.e., make new content for the site. I know I said previously that I would, but the truth is I was hoping to do much better in the exams and finish them much earlier than I did.

 Talking about deviations, I finished kRoMeAuTo's 9th version, I believe it is one of my best creations so far...

Link of the moment is the same as below, if you're wondering.
    —Newstuff! written in 12-02-2003
 Loads of new stuff:
 · I've (finally!) translated the 2nd tutorial, about HTML.
 · Added 2 affiliates, System[Dark] and S-thetic, both very decent sites!!
 · Last but not least, From now on, I'll be displaying, after every news post, a "link of the moment", for a site which I think that is definately worth the look. You can also check out the reason why I choose it here.
    —Signs of life written in 10-02-2003
 I'm just here to give you a sign that I'm alive... I do not have anything special to bring you this time, but I should have new things to add soon. Finally, I'll be adding the long time promised interactivity to the site!!
    —Menu bar redesigned written in 06-02-2003
 I've redesigned the menu bar on the left completely. I've made the main buttons 5 pixels smaller each and I've added the Top Links list and the Exchanges buttons. The first one displays the sites that get me more hits, while the other one displays the exchange programs where I participate.
 I'm also considering adding the 3 links that get the least hits from me in that bar once I have my hit counter script fully up and running. This will certainly add a lot of rotativity to that list, and will make sure that those who do not get as many hits still have a chance to reach higher on the links list!
    —New affiliates written in 03-02-2003
 2 new affiliates: aG+ Designs, a site that I just found and that is from a quite talented 3D abstract gfx artist called g.Mak. The other one is Neutron Arts, a nice site, that's also worth a look.

  • January
    —Tricks for HTML written in 27-01-2003
 I've made a new tutorial. It's still only in English, and is composed of 5 HTML tricks that I often use when programming my pages and that I think you may find useful. Check it out, it talks about spans, smilies, special characters, etc... And more are waiting until I have some more hours available to make some more stuff!

 We also have 3 new affiliates, the great site that is DJ-Designs run by DJ, one of the best gfx artists I've ever seen, as well as BV Designs with tutorials, music, etc, and demension 16.
    —More Affiliates written in 23-01-2003
 Two new affiliates: ecko urltah and Twisted Studio. The first one is a very simple, yet well designed site with graphics and tutorials. The second one is a site run by a fellow Portuguese webmaster and has artwork, wallpapers, photos, skins, etc, in a very cool design, pixel style! Worth the visit!
    —More graphics written in 20-01-2003
 I've got new graphics to add to the graphics section. It's a set of icons/avatars and images I used to preview some of my GTA cars. If you're wondering, go to

 Once again, I'm sorry for the current lack of updates, I might find enough time to get back here within 2 weeks! Until then, it'll be hard to make important additions to the site, but I'm preparing at least one tutorial which might get released soon!
    —Just passing by... written in 14-01-2003
 I'm just passing by unfortunately... I've got exams, one precisely tomorrow, and as such I cannot work for you.
Anyway, there's a new affiliate, pixel.colos: I came across this site, went to it's link section and found a link back to me. Since I like to link those who link me, I've added him to my afiliates list.
If you're in the same situation, feel free to contact me!
    —New section! written in 07-01-2003
 And the first novelty for 2003 is...*drumroll*... a brand new section! It's the graphics section, aka gfx section. It's supposed to be a gallery for whatever I may create that doesn't fit anywhere else, basically a local deviantart account. For now you can find headers and 88x31 buttons, but soon I'll add more material...

 BTW, as you must have noticed, I changed some elements here and there, the news posts for instance... Hope you like it!
    —It's 03, didn't you notice? written in 01-01-2003
 I'm sure you noticed already, what with all the mentioning in the TVs and stuff, but it'2 2003! The new year hasn't brought anything special to the site yet, but I did add the previous design of krOmEspOt to the section.
 As I said previously, though, something new *will* come up really soon...


  • December
    —I am alive, really... written in 29-12-2002
 Howdy! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've went one week to Algarve, in the south of Portugal, and as such, I was unable to post any news...
 Anyway, I'd just like to wish a Happy New Year to ya'll and thank you for visiting my site, I really aprreciate it! For now, I don't have anything new to add, but I might release something sooner or later, probably a tutorial...
 Cya next year!
    —Noticed any changes? written in 17-12-2002
 Well, well, well, look what just happened here! As this site turned 100 days old, I got it some new fancy clothes. I really like it the way it is, and trust me, there's still alot to be done, to have it running 100% as I want it. I have a couple of things in mind to add more interactivity to the site and the link to was no coincidence... Check the previous news to see what I'm talking about.
 And that's not all, we won the following award:
  Damn, I am HAPPY!!

  • November
    —They are, what about you?! written in 29-11-2002
 We have a hip-load-of new affiliates:
 · phirebrush, a community site;
 · digital evolution, a Portuguese design and photography web-zine;
 · smeare, a design studio;
 · precision art, another community site;
 · oxigen,a very well designed personal site;
 · twisted drain, another personal site from a talented gfx artist;
 · endity, home of a very neat "shoutBOX"
 · anexsoft, yet to be explored!
    —It's Christmas! written in 23-11-2002
 Actually X-Mas's day is only in 1 month, but as you must have noticed, it's already all over the place, so I decided to join the festivities.
 Added 6 new afilliates too: webmachine, coldfusion, andrews site, kript, astropod and biomutation.
 Finally, you can now vote on my site for the diamond web awards, just click here.
    —Enter page written in 16-11-2002
 As you must have noticed, I've added an enter page... All because the CJB url redirectioning was loading the site in frames and I hate that...
 Anyway, new link, art4eye, a very neat site with tutorials, graphics, etc. Very cool!
 BTW, tests are almost gone, meaning I'll have more free time to work on the site.
    —Links-a-hoy! written in 09-11-2002
 Loads of links! I'm more interested in promoting others than myself, hehe!
First one is for digital evolution, a very special, Portuguese, site, a web-zine about design and photography. What makes it even more special is that it features my drawing tutorial!
 The rest are afilliates: decile, ghostbone, iamunreal, and dectus.
 Also, I wrote a new mumbling, about PapaRoach's gig in Lisboa, a month ago. Check it out!
    —Traduzido... written in 05-11-2002
 I've translated the tutorial to Portuguese, my first language.
 Again, there are new affiliates, this time it's excadark and 883design, both definately worth a look, with tutorials, skins and extremely nice designs!
 I've also updated my button, as I was tired of the old one, this one seems simpler and draws more attention, I think.

  • October
    —Up-to-date I am written in 31-10-2002
 So, you want news? First off, more affiliates:frozenrealm and ethics design, visit them, they're worth it...
 Changing the subject now, I'm working on a new design for our site, I should have some pics/links for the test version soon. If you're a deviant, pay attention to gtakreyz, as I'll be showing the said pics there, so you can comment.
    —New affiliates written in 22-10-2002
 2 new affiliates:noxcel and kumzdezine!
    —Hum, tutorial... written in 19-10-2002
 A while ago, I was asked if I could make a tutorial on how I draw my cars. I immediately said I'd do it and now, I've finished it. I've used a car that's part of a drawing I started around a month ago, of a Mercedes 500SL and a 300SL. I've only made the 500SL yet, and as such, the drawing isn't finished yet, but the tutorial is, so please, check it out here!
    —And the first month is past written in 15-10-2002
 Exactly one month after opening, the first posters were recieved.
 There's also a new affiliate, it's cloud 9, a very interesting site with tutorials, contests, awards, among other things. Check it out!
 Last, but not least, I'm preparing a new design, of which I'm growing very fond. Stay tuned for more news about it...

  • September
    —This week's special written in 24-09-2002
 Almost no orders yet, so here's my final offer:the best request made until midnight of the September 30th will get his posters for free. Only 5€ of shipping costs are paid. Since we don't want ppl cheating, requests over 50€ or 5 posters are not accepted. In case there's a draw, the first order will be choosen. The other promotion stays on, so please don't let me down.
    —And more updates... written in 14-09-2002
 New stuff at drawings and On the 1st, you can now see the drawings in a large image and see all the details you want. On the 2nd, I've added 4 designs in different stages of evolution, made for kRoMeAuTo months ago.
    —New car! written in 12-09-2002
 I've finished another car, it's a black 95'Toyota Supra and it's also available to be ordered. And don't forget, the promotion's still running!
    —Welcome to krOmEspOt written in 08-09-2002
 Finally, it's open @, krOmespOt, my personal website where are featured all my creations. Here you can find drawings or sketches of cars by me (of which posters are available), wallpapers, a webdesign portfolio and a section with stuff I write every once in a while. Go explore!

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